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July 17, 2017

Lately I find myself easily embattled. Just waiting for 35 minutes for a bus that is apparently 22 minutes away, for instance. I miss walking 5 minutes to work. The office being so hot and humid. Every little thing that would previously just bug me a little, can throw me over the edge. I’m so tired. Fatigued. I remember how I would have reacted to stuff a 1-2 years ago, and it wasn’t like this. Nothing is particularly bad. I know that. Doesn’t make it easier to handle.

Also I feel like 90% of my job is waiting for people to do their job. Trying to find a nice way to remind them without them feeling like I’m nagging. And then when something does come back, it comes back with a million more problems.

I’m so tired. Can’t stuff just run smoothly?