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October 29, 2019

Lately, with all the crazy uprisings and stalemates and shady events going on throughout the world, I have become more and more pessimistic about the overall goal of any political leaning of any group in power or close to power.

I learned in school, and used to think, that there were multiple ways to manage a society. Left leaning, right leaning, democratic, autocratic… But what the recent events have made me start to believe is that none of those people in power, or with a chance for power, have any real desire to make life better for humanity. No real desire to protect the planet. No real desire to minimize suffering. No real desire for what the common person really wants day to day. Throughout the world, all common people really want is to have a stable, safe life. Basic necessities of food, water, shelter, health, well-being.

Whatever it is that our world leaders are telling us they think or want, the only real goal for these people in power is POWER. Whether power is obtained by force, lies, or distractions, the goal is POWER, and there is no real drive to make things better for anyone else. And any semblance of wanting things to be better for people are only to get them to (1) vote for them or (2) not throw society into massive disarray in a way that will limit their power.

So, if there is social disarray that doesn’t make them lose power, they will basically ignore it while pretending to not ignore it so that people will (1) vote for them or (2) not throw society into massive disarray in a way that will limit their power.

People who actually care about other people become activists, health care workers, public safety workers, municipal leaders. People who advance further into higher positions of power and success? By and large, they are just people who want higher positions of power and success, and will convince people of anything to get there.