Emily's Citrus Tea

3 teabags
1 tbsp ginger strips
1 orange
1 tbsp mint leaves
3 Splenda packets
Lots of ice

The recipe:
1. Chop ginger into thin strips.
2. Carve off orange peel (avoiding the whites) and cut into strips.
3. Boil a pot of water (3 cups), and pour into pot with 3 teabags.
4. When tea is desired strength, remove teabags.
5. Add ginger, orange peel, and mint to the tea.
6. Carve out flesh of orange into small cubes.
7. Squeeze remainder of orange's juice into the tea.
8. Set up three large glasses, and add one packet Splenda, orange pieces, and top with ice.
9. Pour tea through strainer into the glasses and mix well.

Makes 3 servings. Enjoy!

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