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Pondering hurdles

May 13, 2015

It’s been a long time since my last post. Believe it or not though, I’ve checked on my blog every day since then and have been using it to remind myself that I shouldn’t only be retrospectively happy. It’s been helpful because it has served as a reminder to stop and take stock, and consider whether or not my life really is going well. Mostly it is.

I’ve been really busy. I’d say that’s the main reason I haven’t posted. Thoughtful posting requires time for thought. Life has been so busy that I’ve just not had time to think about it. We’ve been trying to conceive since the honeymoon about half a year ago, and that’s been one source of stress. I never thought this would be as stressful as it has turned out to be! That stress, along with all the other things that have been going on, have probably compounded to make this so far unsuccessful. Work has been crazy busy, and I’m barely keeping up. On top of that, I feel like I’m barely through one viral illness before I’m hit by another. It’s been completely ridiculous. Was looking forward to a bit of a break to get a breather, and WHOMP! my walk-in closet collapses and now we’re stuck with a big unexpected home improvement project. Between illness and renovations, all my clothes are piled up all over the house, whereever the dog can’t reach them. It’s such a hassle. I can’t see how this will help this month’s conception efforts.

I was just lamenting this weekend how I’d not be getting any rest in a while, and then fell ill. Enforced two days of laying low was certainly much needed. A little feverish delerium is perhaps sometimes what it takes to stop and take a breather. Perhaps that is why this blog post is now happening.

I think I have lamented about this issue before with my weight loss efforts. Every time I try to make some progress, hurdles appear that set me back. This continues with my current efforts to de-stress, lose weight, and get pregnant. Hurdle after hurdle. It makes me wonder, how do other people do it?

I heard recently about a highly-successful person who finished a full marathon despite a severely worn-down joint that requires urgent surgical correction. And then there are the people who just kinda bumble through life and seem to make it through. It seems like success comes in two ways: (1) knowing of the hurdles and barreling through them anyway or (2) not even noticing them to start.

Maybe I just spend too much time analyzing things.