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Fun times

August 9, 2009

I just deleted 139 spam comments from my moderation list. I’m glad I have set this so that comments have to be moderated before being published. And that I can mark them as spam. Fun times.

I have been eyeing this blog nearly every day all summer, but haven’t found the time or desire to write about anything. I keep thinking I should write something so that the word “jinxed” wasn’t at the top. So now it’s “Fun times”. Hehe…

I’ve said this before, it seems the more things I’ve been up to and the more fun I’m having, the less I’m likely to blog about anything. Perhaps it’s just more fun to complain when there’s something upsetting. And just live when there’s nothing upsetting. Overall, since classes ended, I’ve been trying to get my research done, but it’s going super slowly because I found myself working on new grant applications. Now that one is submitted and the other one is awaiting approval by the insititution to get sent in, I’m working in high gear trying to get this research done. Aside from that, I can’t even remember every detail of the things I have been doing. Getting my clinical work done for this half-year. I have all my weeks on service, weekend calls, and clinics scheduled during the summer so I can concentrate on classwork once they start again in September. Spent 2 weeks back home, eating a lot of good food, visiting with family and friends, and gaining a few pounds which still hasn’t been lost. Had an embarrassing episode of near-syncope in the airplane, resulting in me trashing my plans to work out and diet the moment I got back. And then I’ve just been lazy. Working and going out. I’ve been more active in daily life - went out dancing, going out for walks (and considering the slopes around these parts, it’s a real workout), opting to walk instead of taking the bus when feasible. The weather has been great, and it’s super helpful that the sun goes down way after 8pm. So much more time to be out and about! What else… spent a lot of money - eating nice food, buying nice clothes… went to a spa once with a friend during my vacation to get pampered. We did the summer special, which was a pedicure, manicure, and massage for me. I upgraded the mani to a french one. Worked out at the gym there first (love their gym,  you get what you pay for). Afterwards ate fancy food again with my friend. Hehe. Fun times.

I’ve been trying to get my mind of men in general for the summer. Considering I’m still recovering, plus all the traveling and working. Enjoying time with my friends and family. Fun times.

This morning I spent the first hour wondering what was causing the alarm-like vibrating every 5 minutes or so. First thought it was a neighbour’s doorbell. Then maybe some defective alarm. Finally realized it was my pager. Haha! It had gone off at 7am, from some floor entirely not related to what I do. And no further attempts to page, so I’m assuming it’s a mistake. I’m not even on call this weekend, so whatever. Fun times.

Yeah. Fun times. ;)