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November 13, 2008

It’s amazing how quickly time flies and we’re already halfway through November. The last week has been interesting and fun. There was a conference in a nearby town, so a bunch of old friends were in town. I spent the latter half of the week at the conference in a nice hotel room. I was supposed to be paired with a roommate I had never met, but turns out she brought her son and got her own room. So I got there Tuesday night to have the nice surprise that I had my own room! A nice room too, with a large window ledge bench and a great view of the area. Too bad I didn’t have much time to enjoy it. Tuesday night there was a reception (open bar). Wednesday night there was another reception (more open bar!). Thursday night, after a conference break to go shopping (where I bought a pair of Enzo Angiolini shoes, which I am currently wearing, red-brown patent leather heels, very nice and comfy) we went as a group to a nice sushi place for dinner. After the conference on Friday night, my friend (who rented a Ford Explorer) drove us back to my place. We had more sushi dinner near my house (and I had a delicious lychee sake).

For the weekend, we took advantage of having an Explorer and… um… explored. Saturday morning, we headed out towards wine country and spent the morning at the Petaluma factory outlets (specifically Off 5th and Coach). I picked up some great deals on a Michael Kors black wool winter jacket (original price $600, purchased for $250), classic black pants, and a Coach black leather purse. Then we headed out to the wineries and checked out a few places, including Chateau Monteluma and Sterling. You can check out the photos which I’ve posted here. That night we had supper at Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, which was fun. Sat at the bar, good food, and interesting company. After that we made a short stop at The Girl and the Fig and picked up some fig products.

Sunday morning, we went to my church, then downtown (my friend had to return a dress and I wanted to buy a side table), then Costco (I needed a new hairdryer since mine died), and then to the Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay for pumpkin pedicures. We were late, and the pedicures were cut short. However, we got to enjoy the facilities, work out at the gym, and watch the sunset by the water. Then they gave us a discount. We stayed at the Ritz for a light supper (delicious, the food was Italian- inspired with features of molecular gastronomy, my favorite) before heading home.

It was interesting because I ended up eating a lot of interesting foods over the week. Lots of fish at the sushi places, rabbit at Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, oysters and wild boar at the Ritz.

By Monday, I was so sleep-deprived that I overslept and was a little late for work. Hehe… Thankfully Tuesday was a day off, which wasn’t too helpful since I ended up going with some friends to Ikea (I got a few small things, mostly food stuff). Wednesday, I had some work meetings but largely worked from home. Got my Enzo Angiolini shoes delivered (they didn’t have a good pair at the store), did some laundry. Got more work done that if I had been at work. Plus I had to start tackling my mountain of homework.

Back to the old grind now…