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A bad good day

April 24, 2005

So I suppose if I told you what I did today, it would sound like I had a very good day. Slept in, went to a very amazing church service, went out for very good sushi lunch, came home and had dark chocolate, read a bit for work, had supper, relaxed a bit in front of the TV after supper with some ice cream.

On all accounts this should be a very good Sunday. However, it wasn’t. Woke up with a little headache. It went away, but came back after supper. I still feel lethargic and not like getting work done. Which means I haven’t gotten my work done. With this migraine, I’m feeling more depressed than actual pain. I feel like just hiding away.

Justin’s birthday, but I haven’t gotten ahold of him to wish him that. I get this feeling that he’s mad at me somehow. I hope he isn’t, but he hasn’t replied my voicemail.

Or maybe me and voicemail to men just doesn’t work out. The Guy hasn’t called back again either. I left him another voicemail yesterday. OK, I know he’s workign this weekend. Doesn’t make me feel any better.

I know most of my upsettedness is completely unfounded and entirely a cause of my migraine. But I can’t help it. It sucks that I can’t do anything enjoyable. I go on vacation? I get sick with the flu for a month. I do things that are enjoyable to me? I get migraines which make me feel useless.

That’s why it’s been a bad good day.


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