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Waiting for the call

April 7, 2005

So this cute guy I’ve been having a crush on (and flirting with) for the past month or so asked me for my numbers two days ago. He works where I worked the last few months, my old office was across the hall from his. No, he’s not a doctor, but a hospital employee. He seems sweet.

Well he hadn’t called yet today, and I was pretty upset. Anyway, I bumped into him by the elevators this afternoon, and didn’t really quite want to talk to him cause I was kinda upset. But he was all apologetic, he really did look sorry, I dunno. He went on about how he’d been busy, maybe next week. Then he punched my shoulder a few times the way he does.

Anyway, I’m away again next week, and I told him so. More waiting. Sucks. There’s always something making me not want to leave the city whenever I am about to. *SIGH*


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