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Back to work again

April 5, 2005

I went back to work this morning. Had forgotten what time I was supposed to be in at, so I went in early just in case - 7:30am. Turned out I didn’t need to be there today until 9am. Oh well. I made use of the time.

It’s just me, but I’m always nervous and apprehensive about starting something new. But it sure is nice to be back with live patients. And especially cute little ones like in the neonatal ICU follow-up clinics. So I had a really good day today.

Really good day. :)

Oh, BTW, Mashby requested images from Hong Kong and my new VAIO. The image on the right is a bouquet of fresh flowers we bought at the market to bring to my grandaunt’s place. So pretty. And more images to be seen if you click below…

This one is of my new VAIO, next to my old CLIE:

These are some photos I took on the Airport Express train. The first one is just pretty. The second one is supposed to show the Hong Kong international airport in the distance. It’s not very obvious.

Then I got lazy and didn’t take any more pictures. :)


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